Welcome to SureImpact Solutions

Our business is to make your business attractive and profitable on the internet. We are here to make the WWW work for your business.  

Search Engine Optimisation

Not just a buzz word, We make sure your website can get found on the internet by the right people. We help make sure that your website generates business for you.

SureImpact Solutions...making the WWW work for your business.
Our brand identity is Relationship, Integrity, Value.


At sureImpact Solutions we aim to work with our customers to give them the best service .


Our Services

Website Design

Working closely with our clients to create website designs that effectively portray their brand identity is our focus.

Web Development

We are passionate about high quality code. That’s why we always test our websites on several platforms before release.

SEO Services

We know getting your website live is just the first step in your web presence. We will work with you to ensure that the WWW works for your business.

IT Training

We would like to teach you to fish. Empowering our clients is part of our ethos so we are very happy to train you up n core skills.

Website Design


Professional Design

Free Domain Name

Free 1yr Hosting



Three Keywords

Enterprise Reporting Tools

Improved Results

How to create a website yourself

Back in the days, only ‘wizard’ deared talk about programming, not to mention actually doing it! Today however, the story is quite different. Thanks to the open source movement and the huge army of volunteers, people with no knowledge of programming can actually create some stuff. Read more..

Are you mobile?

More than ever, being mobile is extremely important. And no, I am not talking about a car though that’s essential too. I am refering to the ‘mobility’ of your website.

Today you can be sure that well over 50% of your website visitors are going to be using a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. Read more..

Why your online business is not working

Many businesses start a website without a plan in mind. While a website can be seen basically as an online business
card and brochure, a lot of thought need to go into developing  it. A good website has a lot more to it than physical
beauty. The more important aspects to the success of your online presence are the structures that hold that beauty
up! Read more..